why we need toes?

Our toes do two very important things for us. Firstly, the toes, especially the big toe, help us balance. To test this, try standing on one foot with none of your toes touching the ground. After a while, relax your toes and let them touch the ground again. I’ll bet balancing on one foot is a lot easier using your toes!

The second thing toes do for us is to help propel us forward while we are walking or running. The toes give that last little push off. (If you’ve ever walked in ski boots you know how difficult it is to go very fast when your toes can’t bend at the end of your step. If you want you can try this one out too by strapping some short but stiff boards onto the bottom of your feet and trying to walk around.) In animals that climb trees, the toes are very important for grabbing and for hanging on. (Claws help too of course!) A random fact: the 14 bones of the toes are among the smallest in the human body!


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