Why we have feet?

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Silly question you say? We have them so we can walk. We can also walk on those special made plastic legs that are made for those who lost their feet, and we can walk with a pair of wooden sticks attached to our legs, so what is the difference?
Good question – there is no difference as long as we keep these damn shoes on. Shoes keep our feet from sensing the ground we walk on, and letting our brain know where and what are we walking on, shoes put the muscles in our feet to sleep, shoes change our gait, shoes keep our toes from the ability to flex as needed while we walk or run, and shoes are the cause for all foot trouble from smelly feet, to bunions, ingrown nail, and a lot more.
So it looks like there is no difference between the choices above, but we have another choice, unlike those misfortunate who lost their feet, we who have both feet, can choose to walk BAREFOOT, and let our feet do their job, without any help from the so called shoes. Use shoes for time when you must have them on, when it is freezing outside, when going somewhere where shoes are a must, when going to work, just like wearing gloves only when it is really cold. It is never too late to take the shoes off, and start living bare feet, at home and outside. Start feeling your surroundings via your feet, it is relaxing, it feels great, and most important – it is healthy.

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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