Why do people hate my bare feet

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By wsmac 3/3/09

I’m pretty livid right now… I just dropped my ‘Applied Study Skills’ class I was signed for at the L.I.G.H.T. Center here at my school.

I was told by the director that I could no longer be in the building barefoot.

I’m just so tired of dealing with the ignorant, emotional, issues of other people when it comes to something like me walking around barefoot.

A little background….

I have always been much more comfortable being barefoot.
For I don’t remember how long, I have been going barefoot or just wearing sandals or flip-flops, whenever I could. Of course, some jobs have required me to wear shoes for safety reasons… I have no problem with that.

I even run barefoot. I ran 19 miles in the Big Sur International Marathon, before my leg muscles gave out.

I really just do not understand why people freak out about barefeet in public!

The bottom of my feet are no dirtier than anyone’s shoes.
In fact… my feet are CLEANER than most people’s shoes because I do not step in things I see most people do when they are wearing shoes.

It is NOT a health issue either!
In the U.S.A. we do not have issues with diseases such as hookworm, which can infect through barefeet.
I have written both the California State Health Department and the Humboldt County Heath Department, and both entities state there is no prohibition to being barefoot in public.
Not in places that serve food even… that’s been a myth that has just gone on too long.

The L.I.G.H.T. Center is for students like me, who fit that ‘disabled’ label and whatever else they deem necessary for qualification.

So, why are my clean, non-smelly, barefeet a concern for others, when I share the same space with people who REEK of stale, cigarette smoke and body odor, or those who talk out loud in study areas about things that have nothing to do with school, people with physical ticks or who make constant – albeit small – vocalizations (actually, I do that too:D )?

I could also go on about other people’s clothing, and other things.

I just need to vent so I can get on with my math… I’m so upset about this… it’s totally illogical.. has NOTHING to do with decency… and going barefoot while I’m studying or sitting in class really does help me feel more comfortable and able to concentrate.

Here’s the arguments people use to fight me over my barefeet…

1. It’s a Health Code thing (which I have pointed out above is not true)

2. We’d be responsible if you accidentally hurt yourself. (Okay.. so by demanding I wear shoes.. to include flip-flops… aren’t they also taking responsibility by saying my feet will be protected with these shoes on? They don’t think about that :roll eyes:)

3. It’s just not done in public. (When I reply that people seem to be fine with barefeet at home, the pool, gymnastics area at gyms, on stage during modern dance, etc etc, their reply is “Well, that’s not the same”)

4. Someone complained that they are uncomfortable with your barefeet. (So.. we’re going to pander to people who can’t except barefeet? Can I start complaining about people’s germ-spreading bare hands and get you to make them cover up their hands?)

So far, I have had no problem being barefoot in my classes, the library, or gym (although for safety reasons, I have to wear shoes in the weight-lifting room). I sincerely hope it continues that way.

I am SO disappointed in the L.I.G.H.T. Center… I thought it was a place for people who needed something different from the norm, to fit in and feel safe. My barefeet … GAWD.. I just can’t understand why people have to be so illogical like this!


When you think about it.. my flip-flops are just a strap and a piece of rubber.. the whole top of my foot… my toes.. are EXPOSED to the world… what the hell is the difference? Oh.. the bottom of my feet do not touch the ground with shoes on!

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