Why is barefoot called disgusting?


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I was reading a blog today, from a woman who decided that walking barefoot in public is disgusting. She says bare footers who go into public stores are people with no self respect, people who are looking for attention, and draw it by walking barefoot.
What is disgusting about our feet? It is part of the body just like our hands, it is not a private part which by law needs to be hidden by clothes, and there is no difference between wearing flip flops, and no one gives us a second look, or going barefoot, and everyone say we have a screw lose in our heads.

Feet are beautiful:

How come society does not want everyone wearing gloves on our hands? Your hands have been during a single day touching more dirty items, then your feet ever will – money, hand rails, counter tops at public places, not to talk about the bathroom, how many other hands touched these same places you did, and what did these hands touch before, do you know?
I wash my feet every day, I don’t like it when my feet are dirty, and they do get dirty after walking around barefoot, and just like everyone wash his hands, we also wash our feet. What would you do if you bought a new pair of shoes, and stepped the next day on dog poo on the way home? Put your shoes in the washing machine? Maybe, once or twice it may work, then you can throw the shoes, or you can wipe the poo as best you can, but it would still be there, and some on your carpet too. I can wash my feet 3 times a day every day, and they will be clean as the day I was born.

The shoe industries, and the doctors have gotten this society to believe that shoes are the best thing created by man, and it would be hard to get rid of this ridicules notion.

in rainIs this disgusting?


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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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