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I may hurt my feet stepping on glass or other sharp objects


Dirty feet

You may hurt your feet wearing flip- flops too. You would be a lot more alert to your surrounding while walking barefoot

* * *

I may step on dog poo

You can wash your feet better then you can your shoes.

* * *
Bare feet are for the shore, pool and at home

Is there anything wrong with our feet? Or is that what society dictates to us? No reason why you cannot walk barefoot everywhere.

* * *
I don’t want everyone seeing my feet

Are your feet private parts? Is there anything wrong with these puppies? Why be ashamed of them, bare feet are same as bare hands. We all have them.

* * *

It is illegal to walk barefoot in public

There is no law, or code that says that in the US, Canada, and England

* * *

It is illegal to drive barefoot

No such thing, ask your local Police department

* * *

clean feet

Clean feet

I might catch a virus, or the hookworm walking barefoot

In Africa, and third world country – maybe… Not in the US, sewage is not flowing in the streets here.

* * *

It is not allowed to enter supermarkets and restaurants barefoot !!!

That is what they want you to think, with the signs of NSNSNS, or “NO BARE FEET BY ORDER OF HEALTH DEPARTMENT” – there is no such law, it is their own rules, they are misinformed, have something against bare feet, or just plain stupid.

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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