Man is born barefoot

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Defective walkers:

All human beings were born barefoot, and for millions of years lived their lives barefoot, till the invention of the shoe.
While these days most people wear shoes, and some keep them on even at their home, some of us, for different reasons decided to ditch the shoes, and walk barefoot, we are comfortable this way, we hurt no one doing so, and our feet do not hurt, but our society will not accept us, and looks at us as the poor who cannot afford to buy shoes, hippies, or just bums.
Society is wrong about us. We are not any of the above.
The people who walk barefoot are from all walks of life, doctors, lawyers, managers, and so on.
We respect those who wear shoes, and ask that they respect us.
There is no law in the United States forbidding anyone from walking barefoot in any and all establishments (like office buildings, restaurants, malls, and stores), OSHA however forbid employees in some food establishments, from walking barefoot for safety reasons.
There is no law in the United States forbidding anyone from driving a car barefoot.
The health department has no rules regarding patrons walking barefoot anywhere, including supermarkets, restaurants, and fast food places.
Bare feet are not ugly, just as bare hands are not, as bare footers we take care of our feet, and yes, they get dirty, and we keep washing them. Shoes get dirty too, you do not wash them.
In the supermarket, we do not choose our food with our feet, we use our hands just like everyone else, and our feet stay on the floor.
In the restaurants, we do not eat with our feet, nor do we put our feet on the table.
We would love to tell anyone interested, why we walk barefoot, explain why it is healthy, and answer anyone’s questions regarding this subject.
We would never ever, put our bare feet in an aircraft, train or bus on the seat, or between the seats in front of us, those who do that, have taken their shoes off for the duration of the trip, to feel comfortable, but put their shoes on once reaching their destination, and are not bare footers like us.

Your shoes are infested with bacteria, and other micro organisms, which we will never have on our feet, those cannot live in the fresh air, and sun light, but multiply in the dark damp shoe, and cause your feet to smell.
The people who complain to a store manager, about letting us shop barefoot, which they call “disgusting”, while they are at the sea shore, the pool, or the park, with others including themselves barefoot, do not call feet disgusting there, but are anywhere else – how come? Feet are the same everywhere, in the pool, or in the supermarket.
After all this, we still have stores with the sign on the door “no shoes – no shirts – no service”, or the story about “shoes required by order of the health department”, which is a way to direct the blame on someone else – the health department.
We – the people who chose not to wear shoes, ask society to respect us for who we are, no matter what we have, or do not have on our feet.
We ask you not to assume that we are poor, hippy, or bums, because we walk barefoot.
We ask that you do not ask us to wear shoes, like we do not ask you to wear gloves, or hats.
We ask that you treat us, like anyone else – human beings.
We will thank you for that, and treat you the same.
Thank you

want shoes off

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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