Why are we bare footers not accepted?

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I came to this country in the 1970’s, so I was not here in the days of the hippies, and have no idea how bad it was those days in the 1960’s. I can only imagine a lot of people with dirty feet, long hair, no shirts, and a bit smelly from sweat, going to get food at a supermarket, or eat something at a fast food store, and how regular customers left disgusted from the smell and the view.
All that was long ago, can the public ever forget those days? Today’s bare footers are normal regular people, who keep clean, keep their toe nails cut, do not smell, and behave just like every other American in this country (with exception of a few every so often). The only difference – WE DON’T WEAR SHOES, we walk barefoot for all different reasons, health, way of life we chose, religious customs, or just because it feels good. Kids run to play barefoot for the same reason – it feels good, didn’t you as a kid, or your kids taken your shoes off as soon as possible and run out to play?
I love walking barefoot, and I have a list of stores in my town which I give my business to just because they have no problem with me being barefoot, those who have any problems with it, I can at times change their minds when they confront me, or I do not go in those stores, unless I have no choice, and then I wear only flip flops, which for strange reason is ok – why?

dont worry

What is the difference between barefoot and flip flops? The fact that f/f are hanging between 2 toes, and your soles are not on the ground do not make the foot any cleaner, better looking, or safer for the person wearing them, while bare feet I can wash, and it is safer than any shoe.
Been to a store a while ago, and waiting at the checkout counter in line, a kid asked his mom “why is this man have no shoes?”, her answer was “he has no money to buy shoes” – this is what people think about us, we are all poor, and cannot afford a pair of shoes, or we are just ignorant, and don’t care how we look.
I care about how I look, and have quite a lot of shoes at home, I don’t think we look barefoot any worse than with flip flops, and I don’t want to put any of the shoes I have at home ON. It feels better BAREFOOT.

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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