Why would you want to go barefoot?

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When you build a tall building, the base of the structure should be the most important, and the strongest of the whole building, or it will all collapse after a while. In our body, the feet are that base that holds us up tall, and strong. If the feet have problem carrying our body as a result of the shoes we wear, we get into trouble, have back pain, and foot pain.
Here is a part of a medical study, done in England:
Our medical philosophy is based around the foot playing a very important role in the health of the rest of the body because of its unique position as the first and only part of the body to hit the ground. It is therefore believed that like a tall building, whatever the foundations do affects the rest of the body. So every part of the body is affected somewhat by the foot due to its mechanical function as the structural foundation.
That same study says that whatever shoe you are wearing, even by a doctor recommendation and with prescription, compromises foot function, and hinders foot normal function.
Our feet were made to hold us, and carry us with no help of any kind, and do not need any support of any shoes.
So why does society see us bare footers as hippies, poor people, or strange? Because most doctors if you ask them about walking barefoot, will tell you it is not good for you, and you must wear shoes or you will injure yourself, and keep going about how you need shoes to to keep your gait, and the reality is that shoes change your natural gait.

The next quote from that same doctor in England, say it all about our shoes, and what they do to our body…
Most people do not have significant bio-mechanical mal-alignments, but rather weakened muscles and poor postural control due to over-reliance on footwear.
Shoes should be used like gloves when there is a chance of injury without them. I have to wear steel toe shoes to work, or I may lose my toes, or my foot, but as soon as I am done at work, shoes come off (with the socks), and I go back to normal – BAREFOOT.
There is more than enough scientific research to back up our barefoot position and very little if any to back up the shod position as being healthy!



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