What is so good about going barefoot?

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Illogical Neurosis:

1. It feels great to walk and feel the different textures of what you walk on, wooden floors, or tile floors, grass, and pavement. The temperature of the different places you walk on, difference between hot asphalt which can burn your feet, and the floor in the supermarket near the frozen goods.
2. It’s healthy… you are walking the way human was suppose to, before they invented the shoes – Those created all our foot problems, the sooner we get rid of them, the better off we are. Like me – if you have a back problem, walking barefoot will make it better, less painful.
3. No need to buy expensive shoes, save money.
4. Your soles will thicken up with time, to protect you, but can still be nice and soft.
5. You can wash your feet as many times as you like, how many times can you wash your shoes.
6. If your feet sweat, and smell when you remove your shoes and socks (and the whole family screams “YUK” and run out of the room), that problem will be gone.
7. Most foot problems will be gone once you start going barefoot.
8. There is NO law in the United States that prevents you from going barefoot anywhere, including public buildings (other than the court), restaurants, supermarkets, shops, on train or bus. You can drive your car barefoot, and do just about everything in a normal day with your feet feeling the ground beneath you.
9. Flip flops are nice – but barefoot is a whole lot nicer.
10. And to those who say….. it’s dirty out there, and you can step on broken glass, and cut yourself – I say, yes it’s dirty, wash your feet as much as you like, and they won’t be dirty any more. As for glass – others have gone for years barefoot, and never cut their feet on glass or anything else. You see broken glass when you wear shoes, you will see it also going barefoot, and go around it.

Barefoot on the street
Bare feet on grass - what a feeling....
Barefoot on trail at sundown
Walking barefoot in mud - it's fun
Walk barefoot with friends
Vey dirty feet

And the Doctor said Doctor’s Orders: Take Your Shoes Off


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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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