The barefoot cause

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According to the NY times article, from July 2000, the barefoot cause is apparently gaining ground. It was published just about 16 years ago, and already at that time, it was gaining ground, which shows that people are interested in the health of their feet, and willing to do what it takes (including bare footing at home, and possibly in public).

Here is a part of the article, talking about what kind of people walk barefoot, at home, in public, and at work.


By NY times – July 2000

The barefoot cause is apparently gaining ground. Hundreds of otherwise conventional people are baring their toes in unconventional places, saying it is comfortable, liberating, environmentally friendly, even spiritually enlivening. Some like the adrenaline rush of rebellion that spices their lives. And they like feeling through their feet: pebbly sidewalks, grainy dirt, velvety moss, polished floors. Many do it year-round.

Elliott Adams, mayor of Sharon Springs, N.Y., near Schenectady, has gone barefoot in museums, restaurants, at his logging company and walking to Village Hall. ”I try to be shod when I’m being mayor, try to remember to wear shoes,” said Mr. Adams, 53, who owns size 12 wingtips. ”But often I just don’t have them.”

Marnen Laibow-Koser, 25, a violinist from Peekskill, N.Y., has barefooted nonstop since May 5, playing concerts in Manhattan in tux and toes. Alicia Poe, 28, of Queens, with her daughters, ages 2 and 3, walk barefoot everywhere from Fifth Avenue to the Bronx Zoo.

And the Rev. David Vallelunga of the United Methodist Church in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., enjoys secular bare footing so much he performs services and weddings that way — ”my exodus,” he calls it.


Let’s make sure the barefoot cause continues to gain ground.


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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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