Barefoot in snow

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Last year, not too long after I started walking barefoot, getting used to what I feel underneath my feet, the freedom from shoes, and the staring of people at my bare feet on the street, winter rolled in with the first snow.
On a sunny cold winter morning, with the ground covered with fluffy snow blanket, I got dressed warm and walked out barefoot for the first time in snow. I just walked near the house not going too far, to see how it feels, and watch for any warning signs from my cold feet. About five minutes in the snow, and my feet changed their color to white, I knew that was not a good sign, but decided to give it a few more minutes. That was wrong, within minutes my toes started turning blue, and I returned home to warm them up. From reading about it I learned that it meant my blood circulation in my lower extremities had a problem, and I set an appointment with a doctor. This doctor did not agree with my idea of walking barefoot, but could not change my mind about it, however I did change my mind about walking barefoot in snow, after I was told that due to poor circulation, I should not walk with bare feet in snow.
Well, winter is here again, and snow is already on the ground, and I will only be barefoot outside on nice days where there is no snow, and temps are 30 or above, at home, at friends houses, and when possible in stores.
If I learned one thing when I started walking barefoot, it is you do it when possible, and you do not take chances that may cause more harm than good.
I will miss the summer very much, and hope for a warm winter.


in snow

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