Which would you choose?

nude and bf

If someone came to you, and asked this question, what would your answer be?

If you lived in a warm climate, where it was warm all year round, where bare feet and nudity was allowed by law everywhere and anywhere, including public places, malls, stores, Etc…. would you choose to be modest, and just go barefoot, or would you jump on the idea of being totally free from clothing – naked which would also get you free of shoes?

Most people in this world, when asked this question, would shake their head, and choose the bare feet, or continue the way we are today – clothed. Quite a lot would take the bare feet just to avoid the nudity subject. And the rest (small amount) would jump on the opportunity to shed off their clothing, and live nude, barefoot, and free, and I would be one of them.

If walking barefoot feels so good, feeling the ground underneath your soles, the cool air between your toes, just imagine how would it feel to walk completely naked, and feel the air while walking, getup in the morning, and sit nude to have the morning cup of coffee, then just comb the hair, and go out and about to do what you got to. No laundry, no worries about what should I wear today, free, free, and free.

But… this would be a dream, and can be done only in the wild, where no man live near by, and the laws do not reach that far.

So I chose the bare feet, and it feels great, I am healthy, and my feet are too, I have very little back pain from times past, and I adjust to these places who I can not walk in there barefoot, by either going elsewhere, or using the flip-flops for a few minutes.

Please view my page “Nude, barefoot, and unashamed”, to find out why is mankind so afraid to show their body in places other then the bedroom.


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One thought on “Which would you choose?

  1. barefoorbob

    I have already chosen BARE FEET, as I am a full time 24/7 BAREFOOTER, and I have been in my Bare Feet now for over 25 years, since I was 16 years old.

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