what is your origin

Do you know what is your origin? where did your ancestors come from?

Science say the length of our toes in relations to the other toes, will tell us our origin, but there is no proof to this.

Below there is a picture of the five possibilities, and where do they originate from. under that there is a picture of my toes for you to match to one of the diagrams. When you match my toes, you can pull your shoes & socks off, stand with your foot flat on the ground, and match yours to one of the diagrams.

You can comment on your thoughts, as to where am I from.


closeup on street

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One thought on “what is your origin

  1. Desculţ Dinu

    I’m 100% Roman (feet) and Romanian (country). And my greatest pleasure in life is to be (live, walk or run) BAREFOOT, anywhere (city streets, parks, forests, sea, mountains) and anytime (spring, summer, autumn and winter). By walking barefoot, I feel good, free and happy to be in direct contact with Nature mother and to feel the sweet negative bioenergy of the Earth (Earthing).
    I hate shoes – torture instruments, coffins. They are good for fashion, but not for health. I started go barefoot (in natural places and public) since 3 years old (in 1962).
    Thank you and congratulation for this wonderful site ~ BAREFOOT IS THE BEST !
    Dinu (Bucharest, Romania)

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