American’s Vs. barefeet

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For nearly two years now, I have been an avid barefoot supporter, walking barefoot myself, talking to people about it, and fighting for my rights to go with bare feet, no gloves, no hat, and at time with no underwear either (not too often). I won a few fights in some stores, and also lost a few, which I never went back to.

One thing I have tried a few times, was to write my barefoot story to a news paper, which got me nowhere. The larger the paper is, the less you have a chance they would even look at your letter, once they see the words “barefoot”. The New York time published once a story about people who walk barefoot, that was in 2000, nothing more that I have seen.

So I wrote to a smaller news paper in my town, and again got a big fat zero. I called a news paper, and talked to an editor, as soon as he heard what it is about, he was no longer interested, and ended the conversation quick.

Talking about walking barefoot in public these days, is like talking about breast feeding in public, before it was protected by the law, and the subject of bare feet is associated with foul smell, filth, ugliness, unhealthiness, and disgust. If you are on the beach, the park or a swimming pool there is nothing wrong with being barefoot, your feet look wonderful, but try to step out of these places, still in your bare feet, and your feet will be again associated with all above smell, filth, and disgust, etc. How would my feet smell bad when I just came out of the pool? The smell comes from being buried in shoes and socks with no ventilation, your feet sweat and the bacterias are having a party, and then feet smell. With no shoes and socks – there is no odor.

The American people have gone too far with their love to shoes, not understanding what shoes do to their feet, knees, and back, and if they do understand it, they ignore it with the fear of what would others think of them – who cares?

Podiatrists recommend wearing shoes. But now that the internet is full of websites calling on people to walk barefoot, podiatrists websites are taking the next step, and looking to teach people how to walk right in bare feet. What do they know about walking barefoot, they haven’t done so since they went to podiatry school.

In between the public media, the doctors, and the older generation who was thought that shoes are part of your feet, no wonder we bare footers have so much trouble doing this simple thing – walking with bare feet.

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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