What is wrong with this society?

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I would like to SCREAM as laud as I can, after reading these posts on a few websites.
The question given to these people was:
Do you mind seeing others walk barefoot in public?

The answers people give are so ignorant, uneducated, and mostly stupid!!!
Something is wrong with 90% of our society, because otherwise why would people be so uneducated about their own body, their health, and should look at themselves before telling others they should or should not walk barefoot.

Here is number 1 (male): It doesn’t bother me too much if it’s in a convenience store, but in a restaurant or grocery store, it’ definitely bothers me some. Basically anyplace where there is food that is not packaged.

Number 2 (female): I don’t like this idea either. It truly is a hygiene issue and these people are going to take all the poo, spit, chemicals, etc. from the ground and walk all over their home, put their feet into bed, or on the couch transferring this stuff everywhere. I think it’s a horrible idea and I wonder if people know what they’re gathering on the soles of their feet when I see them doing this.
I imagine if they wore shoes, they’d also transfer the yuck from them all over their homes and allow their kids to play on filthy floors and carpets.

Number 3 (female): Who cares? I don’t. Put shoes on or not. However, most local health codes regulate things like lack of shoes or shirts when in business establishments. If you don’t like those codes, work to repeal them.

Number 4 (male): I agree that it is a hygiene issue. I don’t think people are aware. I just don’t like to see people barefoot in public.



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