What is the big deal?

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Walking barefoot? What is the big deal about it, what is to love about it so much? And why do we want to do it in public?

Let’s start with the fact that walking with bare feet is very healthy for your feet, legs and back. It helps reducing the chance of bunions, in grown toe nails, back aches, smelly feet, and a whole lot more.

We barefoot people make a big deal about it, because we discovered a new sensation, a part of our body which when unshod, gives us so much in return, and make us healthier, and happier. Having shoes on your feet from the minute you wake up, to the time you go to bed is what creates all above health issues, and blocks all these sensations we discovered. The feeling of walking on grass in bare feet, on a summer morning while the grass is still a bit wet from over night, is best described as priceless. Feeling the sun on your toes while taking a walk in the neighborhood (yes – barefoot on the sidewalk, or the street) and the warm pavement underneath your soles, is impossible to describe in words. Walking in a rain puddle, feeling the cool water between your toes, as you walk, is something most people have never done, and have no idea how it feels. Not only does it cool the body on a hot day, but it washes your feet for you.

If all above sensations described, do not explain why we love walking barefoot so much, then I did not write enough of those reasons, and there are a whole lot more.

Keep Calm 3

Why going barefoot in public? Because doing this at home only, takes away all what I described above, it is better than nothing, but you would not have the full range of the fun, and feeling as when you go out in the world with bare feet.

Society is not friendly to the barefoot community, people would look at you funny, say things behind your back, maybe even directly to you, and stores will ask you to put on shoes or leave – don’t let them have their way, stand your ground in a friendly way, do not get into useless arguments with store owners / managers or employees, explain, educate, and if all fails, either leave and go to another store, or put some flip flops and finish your task, knowing those people would never know what it feels to go with bare feet

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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