More about car safety, and more nonsense for society to believe

If you believe in tradition, when automobiles first appeared on the scene, they were not covered in upholstery, no floor mats and nothing to block the feet of the driver from the heat of the engine. During these times, a barefoot driver risked serious burns to their feet if not wearing proper footwear. For many people, this old tradition of covering the feet to protect them from the engine is the main reason they feel the need to wear shoes.

Cars were on the road before I was even a glimmer in my Fathers eyes, how would I remember these cars?

The people who remember it, probably are not driving any longer today, I salute them for being pioneers, but this tradition is long gone with today’s cars. If you find anyone that remembers driving these cars, and is still driving, I would eat my socks (if I got any left).

drive barefoot

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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