The return to childhood

Every kid have somewhere along his childhood, walked barefoot into a puddle after summer rain. We all did this, and it was fun standing with bare feet
in the puddle, feeling the cool water between the toes, and enjoying the refreshing cool water that were cooling you off on a hot humid day.

I have returned to those days – no I am not a kid again (I wish I was), but while in the park in the early morning, for my barefoot walk on grass, before I go to work, the parking lot had quite a few puddles from the rain that night, and I did not think twice, and walked into those cool refreshing water, with bare feet. I got lost in the wonderful feeling, and was almost late to work.

These were wonderful few minutes, going back to times where I could do this and no one will pay any attention (except my Mother), no one asked me where are my shoes, no one said it isn’t good for me, and my feet were happy feet.

This week end it will rain again in my town, and I will be in the park, looking for more of the same, returning again to the good old times.

in puddle

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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