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I was searching the internet yesterday for an article about walking barefoot, not knowing exactly where to find it, I just kept searching, and found this website. It belongs to a podiatrist in California, who has a computerized system, where you step on with BAREFOOT, and it tells him everything about the bio mechanical of your feet, so he can give you a prescription for an insole, and orthodontics for your shoes, which he too, sells as what I understand.

The heading on the site is “Healthy bare feet”, but for me healthy and shoes don’t go together.
Shoes are not healthy with or without insoles and orthodontics, they are manmade for the money, not for your health, and it will not matter if the insoles are made of gold too.
I sat and wrote to this Doctor, I told him about my back pain, about the doctors I seen, and about my currently walking barefoot, and asked him as a podiatrist, what does he think about walking barefoot, instead of spending your life savings on shoes with all sorts of junk in them, to make the public think it is expensive so it should work.
I copied my email to him, and his answer to me….>>>>>
I am a 63 year old male, who for years suffered from lower back pain. Went to quite a few doctors, and the best they could come with for help was either an operation, or live on pain pills.
Once I gave up on them, I went to a chiropractor which for a while pushed and pulled every limb in my body, it helped for a day or two, and then I was back to square one. Put a lot of money in to these doctors, and the chiropractor, and figured out the medical system cannot help me.
I was wearing the widest shoes I could find in my size, and was told I need all sorts of supports with these shoes, but that was the shoe salesman whose job is to sell anything possible, no matter if it would or would not help.
Getting back to the subject of this email, about a year and a half ago, I found on the internet, a website that calls on people to walk barefoot for their health, and to fix these exact things I suffered from. I read quite a lot about it, and with nothing to lose, I started walking barefoot, not only at home, but also in public. I started slowly, and today other then work, I walk barefoot all the time. My back is now mostly free of pain, I feel better now than I have felt in a long time, and I am now a firm believer that it is the shoes that are causing our trouble with the lower extremities. All these orthotics, and insoles are doing NOTHING for most people, and are the inventions of the shoe industry, with the cooperation of the podiatrists, and pedorhists.
I would like to ask you Mr. Kemist, what are your views, about walking barefoot? Even I am now free of pain, I still have this nagging in my head, as to why did I spend all that money, and no one could just tell me “walk barefoot – and solve it all”? I have been barefoot now for over a year, I never had any injury as a result of it, My only problem with it, is the society we live in, that would not accept anyone who does not conform to the norm, which are again – shoes. Mankind has walked for thousands of years barefoot, what is so wrong with it today?
I would appreciate your thoughts about this, when you have the time.
Thank you

Here is the answer I got….>>>>>
Thank you for the question. I am happy to hear that things are going well for the last year.
My full response is too long for an email as my fingers would get tired typing. To try and sum things up my answer is that everyone is in a different place and going barefoot might be a long raod and many people do not want to put the time into it. Some people can be comfortable within months others it might be a year or more before they are comfortable without shoes. Yes we were not born with shoes on so why do we need a lot on our feet and the short answer is we do not. But people have gotten use to the shoes of today and they keep doing what has worked for them.
I carry a line of shoes by Vivobarefoot that are built exactly the way that you would like them. There is no midsole and they allow you to walk “barefoot” in the urban jungle that we live in today. You can fit in without conforming.
The larger problem is that the message about barefoot mechanics gets lost by the time that it reaches the retail store. Most stores do not have any idea about how to talk about it and many do not even understand the mechanics behind it. Most doctors stick with what they were taught 10+ years ago and are too busy to try and learn something new even if it can help people. Biomechanics and especially shoes are as much art as science. The body is fluid and dynamic. You have to be able to think in multiple plains at the same time and understand how a small change in one place will affect the body in a completely different place.
The questions that you ask are the subject of an hour long presentation that I could give on the subject but I hope that this little bit helps.
Have a great day.

Adam Kemist C.Ped
Owner, On Your Mark
Creator, Shoe Match Fit System
Los Altos, Ca 94024

After all what I told him, he still offers me what took me so long to get away from – SHOES, and he did not answer my question.
We live in a time where shoes, are the humane most important necessity – but they are NOT.

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