The first time

I went today to the pharmacy where they all know me, and my bare feet do not get me thrown out.

After picking up the items I needed, I went to the cashier to pay. The cashier was a young guy who has been there for long time, and seen me quite a lot. Till today he never asked me about being barefoot, today maybe because there was no one else waiting. he asked what is the reason for my going barefoot all the time, I told him about my back problem, what doctors told me, and how by going barefoot I got rid of most of the pain, and how wonderful it is to walk barefoot. He surprised me by asking if I know that shoes are the problem, and if we did not have shoes this problem would go away.

It was nice to meet and talk to someone who knows about the subject, and agrees with the barefoot idea as a way to solve problems in the feet, knees, and back.

In the two years of walking barefoot, and getting all sorts of remarks, this was the first that understood, and did not think I am crazy.

I enjoyed talking to him, and hope to find more like him.


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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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