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It is as they say the best engineered part of our body, no other parts can withstand the kind of abuse our feet take each and every day, and if we are
shod, then the knees and our lower back suffer greatly from this abuse.

Walking with bare feet is a joy, it relaxes, it feels like being free from all the days troubles, and it does one more thing, which only once you walked barefoot for a while, you may notice it, if you pay attention, and check your feet every day (mostly for any cuts, or splinters), but take a good look at your soles, after walking barefoot for a while. (like a few months) You would notice that the skin on the balls of the foot (right behind the toes) gets thicker, and feels like leather to the touch, but even so it is still sensitive to anything that may injure your foot. It is the body’s way to say thank you for letting your feet roam free (unshod), and to show you how it can protect itself on it’s own, with out the need for any help from man made shoes.

It is now two years since I started walking barefoot, and after walking for good part of the day, all over town with bare feet, I wash my feet, and put them up on a foot rest in front of my comfortable chair, and it feels so good.

When I started this site, a reader suggested that I take pictures of my soles every so often, so I can show how the soles change as time goes by. It was a great idea which I did not follow (I wish I did), and doing so now is too late.

It is amazing how you walk, and step on a small stone, the foot will adjust, so as to take the pressure off that part which the stone is under, without you even feeling any pain.

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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