The bare feet hygiene issue

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When did our feet become a threat to people around us? Do I shake hands using my foot to say hello? Do we intentionaly step in dog poo, and continue walking into a store?

No – we do not, if I would ever step into anything like dog poo, or other disgusting thing, I would look for a secluded place, and find a way to clean up, then go anywhere there is water to wash my foot, more then that, while walking barefoot, I tend to be more alert to what is ahead of me, glass? nails? dog poo? or whatever, and go around it – not on it, or in it.

I shake hands with people and I know very well where my feet have been, firmly on the ground… Do you know where the hands you shake have been? did this guy just come out of the bathroom after using the toilet, with out washing his hands? Did this lady with a toddler just change his diaper in the park, and had no place to wash her hands? So why are bare feet so disgusting, while hands are so perfect.

I walk barefoot because it is healthy for my feet, my knees, and my back, and it feels great, I do so with the knowledge that they will stay on the floor, I will not put them on a table or a counter in any establishment, food or otherwise, I go to a supermarket, and use my hands to get my food, or check the vegetables I want to buy, unpackaged food does not come even close to my feet, but if someone will sneeze or cough with out covering his mouth, right on the unpackaged food, no one would say a word to them, while I get chased out of the store for being barefoot.

Being barefoot is a great thing you can do for your own body, this is the only body you will have till the day you leave this world, and your feet are an integral part of that body. You eat right, you exercise, you watch your weight, and you should walk barefoot. – I do.

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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