Terms of use

Terms of use
September 16, 2014
Though this site is a free log in site, with no registration, and is for anyone looking to read and enjoy, there are some terms of use, I should point to your attention.
1 – Please keep your comments, clean and focused on the site theme “walking barefoot as way of life”.

2 – If the email you give on your comment, can not be validated by receipt of email from you – the comment will be deleted.
3 – The use of foul language is forbidden.
4 – Respect other users, as you wish them to respect you.
5 – Registration is off – Do not try to log in under any name, as it will get you locked out.
5 -There is NO nudity pictures on this site, nor on the picture gallery – and there won’t be any ever


System files!

This message is intended for those individuals who are trying to get into the system files on this website.
These are the files that make this website run, and are not meant to be accessed by anyone.

I will be blocking the IP of anyone trying to access these files
I would like to ask these individuals to please enjoy this site
Without trying to access items not on the site menu
I thank you for your cooperation.

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