Barefoot is “GROSS”

If we call bare feet “gross”, then any sort of sandal should be considered “gross” since pretty much the whole top of the foot can be seen. The same part that is seen when someone has bare feet.

Why not have a uniform that everyone puts on when they come in the door, so that touchy customers won’t be offended by the fashion choices of other customers.

If our bare feet are so disturbing to others, are they not bothered touching items at the store, that others touched, with their hands which have been, and touched who knows where and what?

If our bare feet are thought to spread germs, and look “gross” and “disgusting”, how do sandals and flip-flops mainly, change that effect? Does the fact of having something between the foot sole and the floor, make the foot look better?

It all comes to one thing – those people who were thought since childhood that shoes are the only way to go out in public, other then a few places like the sea shore, pools, or the park, but nowhere else is it normal to be barefoot, so why in those places our feet are not “gross and disgusting”?

Because that is the norm in our society, and doing so changes the norms. and confuse people.


uglyShoes do this, barefoot don’t

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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