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Another explanation for the NSNSNS signs in stores front…

Follow me, if you will, back a few decades to the oceanfront. Areas like Atlantic City were bustling with people. It’s a mix of surfer dudes, beach bunnies, energetic kiddos and tourists. Inside one of the many shops along the boardwalk, a married couple on vacation from the midwest is looking for souvenirs to take home. Shortly after, a surfer dude walks in wearing only his swimming trunks. His wet feet have dragged sand into the shop, spreading it across the floor as he goes to one corner to pick up a tube of lip balm. He glances at the couple and nods, saying, “Hey.” The tourists, uncomfortable with this guy, decide that maybe they want to take their business somewhere else.

This was on the sea shore where people wearing only swim suits came in, dragging sand all over, but there is no sand inland, and we are only barefoot, not semi naked !

So how is this explained elsewhere?

go barefoot


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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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