Shoes manufacturers promises

There is no shoe – NONE what so ever, that can come close to bare feet, the shoe manufactures will promise you anything you want, but there is no way a shoe can give you the feel, the bare foot does.

If you walked barefoot on grass, and felt the grass tickle your foot, go between your toes, and massage your whole sole, try to walk with a flip flop (which is only a piece of rubber between your foot, and the grass) and tell me it felt the same – I don’t think so…. and I don’t think anyone would say that.

Nike shoe manufacturing came out with a new shoe, claiming this is as close as possible to bare feet. It is a low heel, and light weight shoe, called “the free trainer 1”

No matter how they call it, and what they say it is – it is a shoe, it is not barefoot, your toes are in a toe box and can not be free to flex, your sole can not feel the ground, and as a result your brain gets no information, if you sweat in these – the smelly feet will be back, and so on, and so on.

Shoe manufacturing is a scam, and will do anything to get your money – don’t let them.

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Shoes manufacturers promises

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