The shoes and the humane foot

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most people don’t seem to realize how much damage most shoes can cause to the average pair of feet. While they might provide needed protection in some instances, they also constrain the foot’s natural movement greatly, rendering most feet totally dependant on the extra support and protection. In some cases, shoes are also the cause of many foot ailments, ranging from skin infections and irritations blisters, to callouses, corns and deformities…

Human feet are also very “intelligent” when it comes to walking. Just like our hands, they are full of nerve endings that are designed to alert us on any possible danger within nanoseconds; therefore, helping us avoid injury. Moreover, human feet are designed to counterbalance very effectively; so, if one steps onto something sharp or uncomfortable, the foot itself will avoid putting excessive pressure on that particular spot and shift the balance to other areas of the sole that are not being threatened. Unfortunately, most people don’t know this because they have never, ever given their feet a chance to “perform” the way they are supposed to.

Shoes are tested…

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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