How shoes effect us, in the name of safety

From the 15th – 21st April 2009 we conducted a health survey to find out what were the most common problems that afflicted the nation’s feet.

Over 83% of our respondents were female and the vast majority of these were women under 30 years of age. Shockingly, 25% of people who shared their results with us reported suffering from bunions or hammertoes – conditions which can be genetic but are more often caused by ill-fitting footwear and high heals. Both these conditions require some hefty surgery to put right, so give your feet a night off once in a while, and wear flat footwear whenever possible.

20% of people reported suffering from smelly feet – which is normally nothing to worry about but can be combated by ensuring that you change your shoes and socks regularly.

Flat feet affected around 14% of users, with 7.1% reporting swollen feet. Flat feet are common from birth but if they develop suddenly then you should go to your GP as there may be an underlying problem. Swollen feet can be a sign of lymphatic problems but can also be indicative of problems elsewhere in the body – including the heart, so if they persist, get them checked out by your GP.

Tingling feet affected nearly 1 in 6 people, and if this persists then you should definitely get them checked out as it can be a sign of arthritis, or diabetes.

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