Shoes are accessories only

Human feet, just like our hands, are not supposed to be covered all the time. Just like gloves to our hands, shoes are only necessary under certain circumstances for protection. Unfortunately, our societies have turned these “accessories” into a necessity. I do hope more people start realizing that shoes are not all that imperative on a day to day basis.

Above came from the Author of Barefoot planet website here. And this is what made me decide (among other things) to go BAREFOOT. We were not born with our shoes on, like we did not have gloves on (even if we were born in mid winter), so why do we need shoes at all times, and gloves only when it is cold?

Let’s do our feet a favor, “give them their freedom”. walk barefoot.

Defective walkers:

walking barefoot

walking barefoot

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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