Restaurants and the bare feet

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Have you ever tried going to a restaurant barefoot, and were refused to be seated, due to your bare feet? Did you ever ask yourself, why do they refuse service due to your bare feet? you are not eating with your feet, and there is no law against dining anywhere with out shoes, It is also not due to insurance policies, or liability, try to sue a restaurant for injury you sustain from being barefoot, and you will have the judge throw you out of the court room.

There is one thing we do not know about the restaurants, we never get to visit their kitchen, see what goes in our food they prepare for us, how clean the kitchen stuff is, do they wash hands before touching the food? after blowing their nose? or scratching who knows where, and continuing dealing with your order with bare hands, or even with the contaminated gloves.

Here are two stories of two young guys who worked in restaurants.

Story 1:

I was working at a cheap sushi restaurant and got food poisoning in the middle of my shift. I began vomiting over and over, about twice an hour. I was literally running in and out of the bathroom between taking orders because I couldn’t stop, I was so ill. What did my manager say when I asked if I could go home? He said no, we were short staffed because he’d already let a girl go home because she’d stayed up too late the night before doing cocaine. It took 4 hours from the point I started vomiting for him to finally let me leave, and he demanded I apologize to all my coworkers for “making them work harder”. Btw I didn’t even make it the 6 block walk home without vomiting in the gutter. I didn’t get fired right away, but I mysteriously stopped getting shifts about two weeks later despite being the oldest and most experienced server (at 20 years old, btw). Screw the way restaurant workers are treated in this country.


But we who do not deal with food preparation, are refused service due to bare feet?

Story 2:

was once incredibly ill at my place of employment (I was 19 at the time). I’d been vomiting off and on and only keeping down yellow Powerade. I requested to go home and was not allowed. At one point I had to run to the bathroom to use the toilet (both ends were going at this point). While I was on the toilet, I felt the urge to vomit. Not being able to hold it down, I sprayed yellow Powerade all over the bathroom stall through my fingers. At that point, I just said “enough” and left. Turns out I had a severe case of mono and had to be hospitalized for a week. The next day my mom tried to call them and let them know that I wouldn’t be in since I was hospitalized. They told her I needed to call myself. She told them to get lost.


They let these guys work in the kitchen sick as dogs, but worry about my bare feet?

Reading this I may just stop going to eat in restaurants!


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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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