Reactions to my bare feet

In the two years I have been walking barefoot, I have had all sorts of reaction by people passing by on the street, or in stores.

The best reaction I got was at a store near where I live. I was standing in line to pay, I was wearing a T-shirt, shorts and I was barefoot. A young lady came and stood next to me, looked me over, and in a loud voice, so everyone can hear told me “You have a very nice feet for a man, is that why you go barefoot”? I answered her “No, I walk bare footed because it is healthy, and I like being barefoot, it feels real good”. Everyone on line was now listening, and looking at my bare feet, she just answered “Good for you”, as it was my turn to pay, and I finished, and walked out. I was just ready to get in my car, after putting my purchases in the back seat, when this same lady came out, and from about ten feet away, said again in her loud voice “You really have beautiful feet, I wish I had the guts to walk with bare feet outside, and in stores”, I just said thank you madam, got in my car, and drove away.

This was the best reaction I ever got in regards to my bare feet, mostly its just looks, whispers, and “Hey, you forgot your shoes”, which I answer “Thanks for letting me know, and You forgot your gloves”. This answer throws them off normally, and they walk away.

I am not going to tell you it is easy walking barefoot in public, but you get used to it, and either ignore them, or answer politely. Any time I get asked for the reason why I am barefoot, I do stop to answer and explain, in the hopes that I would turn one more person, to try walking with bare feet. I will never know if I succeeded in my attempts.

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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