Questions asked about barefootedness

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Why do I see some people walking barefoot in the city?

It feels good walking barefoot, it is the feeling that shod (shoes wearing) people would never know.

Are we allowed to walk barefoot on city streets?

There are no laws regarding anyone walking barefoot anywhere, stores make their own rules, it is their right.

Why do some people choose to go around completely barefoot all the time?

It is healthy, it feels great, it is not against any law, and we enjoy the feel of cold floor, grass, warm wood floors, and so on.

What are the potential health risks of walking barefoot all the time in a natural forest?

While walking barefoot you are more aware of where you put your feet, your surroundings, and what is on the ground ahead of you.

How are people able to walk barefoot without injury?

Same as above awareness comes natural when walking barefoot

Is it safe to go on a walk barefoot and in a short dress after dark?

That would depend on where you are, what neighborhood, and is this street considered as place of trouble.

What is the black stuff on my feet after I’ve walked barefoot in a city?

It’s called DIRT, wash your feet, and it all goes away.

Why did Steve Jobs like to walk barefoot?

Probably because he realized how healthy it is, and how wonderful it feels.

What’s to avoid when walking barefoot?

Anything that would injure your feet, nails, glass, or dog poo (will not injure but…), and so on.

How can I train myself to walk barefoot?

Start slow – walk barefoot at home, see how it feels, then go out in the yard, on the grass, go to your mail box barefoot, after that take a walk in your street with bare feet, and continue from there slowly, taking your time, enjoying the feelings you get from your happy feet, being free from these damn shoes.

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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