Podiatrists are a pain in the…

For the Podiatrists nothing is good, unless the shoe keeps the foot an inch or so above ground, let’s the foot hardly bend while walking, and is
specialty made with all sorts of add on to help with what they say is the problems with your feet. God forbid you tell them you walk barefoot, and they would immediately tell you about the shoes they think are better for you, instead of bare feet. Even the flip-flop are not good for you… shoes only.

Here is the view of a Podiatrist about the flip-flops, which I wear and still do, when barefoot is not an option.

The flip-flops
flip-flops Forgoing sky-high heels and toe-pinching boots for the freedom of flip-flops is giving your feet a much-need break, right? Not exactly. Turns out, your summer shoes aren’t doing you any favors. According to Jordana Szpiro, DPM, a podiatrist and foot surgeon in Boston, “Flip-flops and other unsupportive sandals, which have no arch support and give no structural support to the foot, can lead to stress fractures since your uncushioned feet become strained when they try to support too much weight,” she explains. “Extensor or flexor tendinitis is also a common problem that happens as a result of trying to keep your flip-flips on — the muscles on top or underneath your feet overexert themselves while trying to grip your shoes.” She also advises against walking around shoeless, even if you’re by the pool or in your gym’s locker room. “Aside from not giving your feet any support, going barefoot can also be challenging for those prone to infectious skin diseases such as plantar warts and athlete’s foot, which are easily spread poolside, in pedicure salons and in gyms.” But that doesn’t mean you need to spend your summer in closed toe shoes. Dr. Szpiro recommends comfortable sandals that also provide plenty of support, like styles from Fit Flops, OrthoHeel and Mephisto.

Interesting enough, walking with bare feet for three years, I had no arch support and no structural support to my feet, but even so, my feet grew stronger, and healthier, with no stress fractures, nor any of the mumbo jumbo she talks about.

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