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It is interesting how our body get’s used to things done a certain way, and learns how to deal with the good or the bad ways we do these things. For example wearing shoes is what most of us are used to since childhood, we get up in the morning, and slip our feet into those shoes, and we go about our day without giving any thought to what do these shoes actually doing to our feet, and more than that, how does our body adjust to the fact that our feet cannot tell our brain any information as to how to keep us from breaking our neck while walking down a steep hill.
When we walk in bare feet, our soles are full of nerves which sense everything we walk on, the angle the foot is positioned, if we step on something that may hurt us, the foot will adjust to protect that part, and more. With shoes our feet are blind, and cannot relay any information to the brain.
Shoes might be good in places where there is a danger of injury, and to protect us from the cold weather, but nothing else. Shoes are not a necessity in everyday life, and walking barefoot is the best thing you can do for your body.
Do yourself and your feet a favor – leave the shoes in the closet.

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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