Nudists and shoes

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A few weeks ago, there was a discussion going on, on the SBL website (society for barefoot living) regarding naturalists / nudists who walk nude, but wear shoes while being naked.

If you are going to be a nudist, and walk naked than be totally naked, and that includes bare feet. On the other hand, nudists are not used to going barefoot, and depending where they are, it may hurt to walk barefoot, when your feet are not conditioned to do so, and were never given the chance to get used to this way of walking.

I don’t know of any nudist who live this way all the time, day after day, being that unless you are in a nudist camp, or resort, once you are out of those, you would have to start being dressed, or get in trouble.

In the discussion on SBL, people said they seen nudists on beaches, who were wearing boots & socks, but were nude otherwise. If there is any place to be barefoot, it would be on the beach, where the sand is a wonderful thing to feel between the toes, but boots? I would agree that at times surfaces could be too hot to walk barefoot, but flip-flops are what you need, not boots or any kind of closed shoe.

Being barefoot is a wonderful way of living (Just what this site is all about), and being nude in the outdoors, feeling the sun and the wind on your whole body, is just as wonderful, but walking naked with shoes on would look funny, and feel strange.

It is hard sometimes to understand people who would walk naked, but would not walk barefoot, for reasons unknown.


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