The liability issue

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Going barefoot into a store, you can expect one of two things that may happen…

1 – No one will pay any attention to you walking barefoot, and no one will say a word to you regarding your barefootedness. You will do your shopping, have fun, pay and leave with no issues.

2 – A customer or an employee who says barefoot are gross, will complain to management, and  the shoe police will come after you, and escort you to the door to get your shoes, do not argue with them – ask for the manager.

After you are told by the manager to either leave and get some foot wear, or finish shopping this time, and do not come in barefoot again, ask him/her for what reason? They will start at first with the most common answer they know – “it is against the law” or “it is not allowed by the health Department “. Hopefully you have in your pocket the letter from that department letting them know they are full of &@#&. their next thing is “it is liability” – this is the hard part for me always, though I do not believe any insurance ever had a paragraph in their liability contract saying ” Customers must wear shoes to enter the store – stubbing toes is a liability”, you really never know.

I had the above scenario at a store here, and When the manager said liability, I finished shopping and left. I wrote to the district office, and come to find out, it is not considered as liability, nor is it a problem for the company – it is the manager.

Do not give up too soon, writing a letter and asking for explanation will harm no one, like bare feet will harm no one. I gained my access to this store, and I will be barefoot when I go there.

Enjoy barefooting

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