My resolution for this year was?

Around New year 2015 I wrote a post regarding my resolution for this year, and what I would try to accomplish in regards to my walking barefoot.

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At the time I tried going barefoot in the snow, and within five minutes, my poor toes turned blue, and sent me running back home, to warm my poor piggies.

My first walk in snow – what happen?

I went to a doctor for a check up, and telling him about my attempt to go barefoot in the snow, I was told I should not go barefoot at all, and especially in snow, that I would hurt myself, and it is not healthy for me. More then that he said my circulation in my legs is not too good, and not to try it again.

I did not try the snow again, but I sure am still walking bare feet, and enjoying every second of it. Not too long after that, I visited another doctor for a different reason and asked him about my poor circulation in my legs, and he checked and came back telling me he has no idea where did I get this info. regarding my circulation, but there is nothing wrong with my legs or feet, and my circulation is as it should be for my age.

It looks like this first doctor was just an anti barefoot person, and as podiatrist hoped I will come for his special shoes which he told me about, and can make some profit on me.

This winter my feet will be ready to try again a walk in the snow, and I am working them hard, to make sure they will be READY. I will never visit that first doctor again, and happy I may be able to fulfill my resolution as I promised myself.

It would be another victory to my bare feet, and I would have pictures to prove it, when the time comes.

in snow



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