My resolution for 2015

While most people think of their resolution for the New Year, in terms of weight loss, money savings, and items they want to get for their home, or themselves, I have yet to hear anyone say anything about their health. Ladies in high positions who are walking every day in those high heel shoes, and complain day in, and day out, about the pain in their feet, comes New Year and their resolutions include everything, except their poor painful feet.
Man with back problems, legs and knee problems, man who are on their feet the whole day at work, make less resolutions then woman, but when they do, it does not include their health.
Speaking of health, I am not talking about things that 99% of the people run to the doctor as soon as possible, but on those things like foot pain, lower leg pain, yellow toe nails which are signs of trouble, and yet are ignored.
My 2015 resolution, would be to solve my circulation problem in my legs, so I am able to walk barefoot in the snow, and cold weather (N.Y weather). At that time the only place I would wear shoes, would be work.
Wishing all a warm barefoot winter.

holding foot

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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