My doctor is cool

I moved into this city about 6 years ago, with no health insurance at the time, I never bothered looking for a primary Doctor for myself. These days I have insurance, and decided it is time to find a doctor, and get checked out head to toe, after all I am 64 years old.

I found a Doctor in town, and went to see her a few days ago. My biggest worry was what would she say about my going barefoot. She was very nice, asked a lot of questions about health history, then she saw I was wearing flip flops (being it was first appointment I put on the flip flops), and said “flip flops, isn’t it too cold for that?” My answer was “flip flops are better then what I wear mostly”, she looked at me and asked “and that is?” and I told her – I don’t wear any shoes, I walk barefoot, the next question was why?I told her about my back pain, and the Doctors who wanted to operate, or have me live on pain pills, and how walking barefoot helped me, to the point I do not hurt any longer, I was very surprised with her answer, she said “well barefoot is better then pain killers and much better then surgery, if it works for you, I have no problem with this”.

Wow, never thought I would find someone like this, a breath of fresh air. Going again next week for a full physical, and blood work, will be with bare feet, and happy.

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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