My barefoot fun

Had some barefoot fun this morning, May 9, 2015. Went to the park to sit in the sun a bit,

had only shorts on me. While sitting there I saw a trail for walking, where the first 50 feet was medium size gravel. Being that I never tried walking barefoot on gravel, I decided it is time to see if I can handle it. I started very carefully putting one foot on, and lifting the other to see if I can take it, and yes, I had no problems, as long as I watched where I am going, and what I put my foot on, it was easy, and fun. May go there again tomorrow to do it again. Did the whole 50 foot and back on gravel in my bare feet.

Some kids were watching me, and asking “hey Mister, does it hurt?”, and I told them that my feet are used to go barefoot, and they should do it first on grass, and leaves, before trying gravel.

It felt real good to know that after 2 years of being barefoot, my feet can now do this, without it hurting. Would do this a few times more, and accomplish one more thing in the barefoot way of life.

Have you started going barefoot?

bf on gravel

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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