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There is quite a lot of articles on the web, regarding this subject. Is it, or isn’t legal.
The state of Alabama requires wearing shoes while riding on a motorcycle, no other state has any rules, laws, or regulations regarding footwear while driving.
That being said, some state agencies are discouraging barefoot driving, and for all the wrong reasons. Here is Captain Nancy Rasmussen, spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Highway Safety:
“ ‘No, it’s not illegal to drive barefoot. We don’t recommend it, but, no, it’s not (illegal),’ said Capt. Nancy Rasmussen, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. ‘We don’t recommend it because your feet can slip off the gas pedal.’ ”
How can a bare foot slip off the brake pedal? Even when wet, I cannot see how would that be possible. For the past few years even before walking barefoot, I was driving always with no shoes, just bare, and never had my foot slip off any of the pedals. If the sole slip – toes will grip.
Here is another agency:
Flips-flops are considered especially hazardous for driving, since they can come off easily, said the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, which issued a release encouraging the public to wear proper shoes for driving. “Sneakers or low heel flat shoes are encouraged. Consider keeping an extra pair of good driving shoes in your car to wear while operating your vehicle. [The] DMV cautions drivers to be extra careful in wet weather as slippery soles make it easier for your foot to slip off the pedals,” the Virginia DMV said.

Shoes do slip:

Since I started driving in this country, over 30 years ago, I drove a lot with flip flops – no slips, no accidents, no trouble. Your toes grip the flip, so they do not flop.
I am not going to have a stock pile of “Sneakers or low heel flat shoes” I got rid of most of my shoes when I started going barefoot, got only three pairs, work steel toe shoes, flip-flops, and dress shoes for the special occasion, not going to buy shoes just for driving – that is insane.
And last: Another risk of driving barefoot is leaving your footwear in the floorboard of the driver’s side. Loose shoes can slip underneath the pedals and cause either the gas or the brake to get stuck.
This one I agree with and I put my shoes (if I have any on) on the passenger side floorboard, not so much with flip-flops, but with any other shoe.
The state agencies that regulate highway safety are going to ask one of these days that we wear gloves while driving, so the hands will not slip off the steering wheel.
What else?

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