Living barefoot presentation

I stumbled on the video below by chance on You Tube, and thought how amazing it is that both, the lady in the video, and myself, are thinking the same, even we never ever met, or talked to each other – Living barefoot!

Mrs. Fox presents the idea of living barefoot, in a way that even a child could understand, making it easy for someone watching it, to decide if he / she would want to try it, and see how much fun it is. She talks about the attention you sometimes get from strangers, while walking in public with barefeet. Mrs. Fox explains how the shod walk “loud”, while the barefoot walk “quite”, suggesting a way for you to try it and see for yourself, if you are “loud” or “quite”, When you watch the video you would understand where she is taking you with this.

I feel that it is one of the best barefoot presentation I have seen, and agree with every word Mrs. Fox say.

Watch and enjoy…

Click here for video
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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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