Kids at school

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In European countries kids at school are being thought about health, and about safer sex, with the regular normal things they learn in school. The subject of walking barefoot is not included due to the fact, that these countries have no problem with bare feet, people eating in a restaurant, or going into a store in bare feet, so kids learn early that walking barefoot at home or in public, is not a subject you have to think of, or worry about, it is a normal life.

Here in the United States, kids are being thought in school, about safe sex, health, and the regular normal things they learn in school, but even though in this country society has a problem with bare feet in public, mostly the adults, the school system does not teach kids, that walking barefoot is healthy, where the myths about this subject originated from, which most adults have no idea either, what the shoes do to your feet, and later on also to your knees and back, why feet smell after being stuck in shoes all day, and what shoes do to your gait.

All these can be thought in health class, so kids can decide on their own, once reaching adulthood, if they want to continue stuffing their feet in shoes, or choose the barefoot style. Young kids should be thought by the parents, as to where and when it is safe to go barefoot.

Most kids in this Country have shoes put on them, as soon as they start walking, and in a podiatrist article I seen, most kids at the age of six years old, already have foot problems, due to shoes.

Taking care of your feet so you can walk in your old age, is just as important as the use of condom, and the pills to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

But then – the American society will never allow the teaching of this subject, as they call it

“feet are disgusting”.

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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