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You just came home from work, you are tired, your feet hurt, and everything look so miserable. All you want is to sit and relax for a while, you flop down on your sofa, remove your shoes to get comfortable, and within five minutes, things start looking better, your feet don’t hurt any longer, you are relaxed, and things are looking a lot better.
It seems to me that once we let our feet out of those stinky bacteria incubators, called shoes, things look a lot better somehow, and it makes us feel better.
If just taking off our shoes, makes us feel so much better, how come we do not do so more often? Walking barefoot not only at home, but also shopping, or driving, going for a walk, or doing our daily routines, simply barefoot?
Well, this is where the problem is for most people, looking for society to approve their walking barefoot in public. Are we looking for approval from the public to walk with no gloves? Or with no hat? , so why with bare feet do we need approval?
That is because shoes in our society became the symbol of our manners, self respect, respect for others, and how well behaved we are. Go with no shoes, and you are dimmed to be a hippy, a bum, a homeless, but why? Are the five toes on each of my feet tell them all that? It is how people were brought up by generations who insist that humans must wear shoes, for protection, and esthetics.
Most of us, would love to walk barefoot, and get rid of the shoes, feel free, feel the ground beneath us, but afraid of what people would say, or think.
Do I really care? I walk barefoot everywhere accept from work where I need steel toe shoes, or I will be in the unemployment line. I go shopping for food, and other necessities barefoot, I go to dine, to the movies, the mall, the doctor, all in bare feet, I sometime get the looks saying “ here is a nut case”, people tell me “hey, you forgot your shoes”, or “how come you don’t wear shoes”. Those with the looks only – I ignore, those with questions – I answer politely, and depends what the remark is, I would answer with “I left them at home where they belong”, or “ I didn’t notice, thanks for reminding me”.
Yes there are stores that have the signs ‘No shoes-No shirt-No service’, great, they have the sign, and the store across the street has your business, and your money, because they let you shop the way you are comfortable – barefoot.
I was the same, up to a year and a half ago, I would not dare walking barefoot out of the house, but I had a bad back pain, and doctors who wanted to operate, or have me live on pain pills, none of which I was going to get into. My last resort was trying the barefoot solution, and it worked.
Today I am a new man, no more pain, no pain pills, and no surgery, I am having a great time walking barefoot everywhere, I never got hurt as a result of no shoes, my feet are healthy, and getting healthier with each day that goes by. One would not believe how much you can feel through your foot soles, until you try it.
So go ahead, give it a try, pull these shoes and socks off your feet, and go for a short walk at first, just to feel the ground, the sensations are unbelievable.
You will not regret it!



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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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