Is barefoot walking bad?

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You are walking down a busy street in your home town, it is a nice day and everyone is wearing flip flops, sandals or shoes, you are the only one walking with bare feet. People mostly do not notice your bare feet, they are busy with their own life, and their own troubles, but some do notice and mostly look at your feet, and either continue on their way, maybe turn around to make sure they did see someone walking barefoot in the street?

An older lady comes towards you, and says “You will get a cold walking with no shoes”, You politely answer “thank you madam”, and continue walking, a younger man walks by and say “you forgot your shoes mister” and your answer is “and you forgot your gloves” which confuses the guy, and he moves on. Walking into a store, an employee see’s you barefoot, and stops you saying “sorry sir, but you must have shoes on while in the store” you tell him, “No I don’t, there is no such law”, and after trying to nicely educate him, and not making any progress, you ask for the manager which give you the story about the Health department, and when you show him the letter from the Health department, he comes back with the store policy of no bare feet. Well, you leave and go across the street, walk into this store with bare feet, get what you need, no one bother you, they got your money, you got what you came for, all in bare feet, and the other store lost a customer, and learned nothing.

Do the people who walk barefoot look that stupid, that others need to tell them about the fact that they are barefoot? and what would happen if they do not put shoes on?

For two years now, I have been walking barefoot in the streets in my home town, and never once did I get a cold, or stepped on glass, not even bump my toes into anything in a store. I am fully aware of where I walk, and what I step on, and dog poop is not on my list of things I would like to step on, nor is glass. The way it sounds from the shods, is our streets and side walks are covered with glass, dog poop, needles, and so on, but it is not, and if there is any of the above, we do have eyes, we see it, and go around it.

Above was a description of the American society – afraid of anything they do not understand, afraid of their own creation – streets, side walks, the out doors.

Don’t listen to those – listen to your body, and do what you think is good for your own body – Walk Barefoot.

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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