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We all have feet:

If you are reading this, it might be your first visit to this website, or you are coming back to read more because you like the site, and hopefully agree with the theme idea, that walking barefoot is the healthy way to walk.
Either way, while you relax and read, you may want to try the barefoot idea, and try feeling through your feet, all the things that this site is talking about. So while you are sitting at your own home, why don’t you remove those shoes, and socks and feel for yourself, how great it is to be able to have your own two feet, free from the confining shoes, the ability to flex the toes, to feel the carpet, or floor underneath your soles, walk around the house barefoot on tile floor in the bathroom, or wooden floor in another room. Pay special attention to what you feel down with your feet, the cold tile floor, the warmth of the carpet and wooden floor, you would love these feelings, you probably felt before but never paid attention in the rush to put your shoes or slippers on.
Some people are ashamed for some reason, to show their feet, even in front of the immediate family, there is no reason for it. Just like there is no reason to be ashamed of your hands or face. Our feet are part of our body, and we should be thankful for having them, or we would not be able to walk. They are also the one part of the body which is most neglected, when it should be taken care of regularly if we want to continue walking at an older age.
Once you tried this, and liked it, felt the warmth, the cold, the texture, and the freedom, you can start by walking barefoot for a full day, while off from work. You may get brave and walk to the mail box barefoot, or take a walk on the grass in the back yard. It would take some time to get used to all these feelings, especially if you have been shod all your life, and never gave your feet a chance to experience the feel of walking barefoot.
When you walked barefoot at home for a while, I believe you would love what you feel, and how it feels, and decide to tell our society, that walking barefoot is healthy, fun, and feels wonderful, by starting to take a walk in the neighborhood with bare feet, and even further by going to the corner store barefoot.
Remember – there is no laws, or regulations, that say you are not allowed to walk barefoot, including stores, banks, supermarkets, restaurants, fast food places, and office buildings. The signs you see regarding “no bare feet” is the store owner, or the company rule, nothing else. Do your business with those who let you do it in comfort – Barefoot.
Be healthy – walk barefoot

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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One thought on “If you are reading this

  1. Miles X. Haughton

    I’ve been curious for a while now and this question been in my head quite a while. Barefoot walking, it’s not dangerous as it looks– its very good for your body and it stores better blood circulation and etc. There are some risk associated with going barefoot, but don’t worry about it too much. Happy barefooting 🙂

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