I love being barefoot

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In my page “About me”, there is a sign I posted saying “I love being barefoot”.

And I do, since starting going barefoot two years ago; I have become an avid supporter of the walking in bare feet any time possible and fighting for my rights to walk as I choose, with no gloves, hat, shoes or socks.
It is a basic right of the American people, to choose what they wear, and what is best for their body, and for me walking everywhere with bare feet, is the choice.
For some strange reasons, the American society regards shoes as a necessity, and a must when in public. Wrong, shoes are NOT necessary in the everyday life; they are to protect you in certain situations from getting hurt, including when the weather is nasty with ice and snow.
People say they do not like seeing barefoot in a restaurant while eating, but if you slip a flip-flop on, and they can see the top of your feet with two thin straps, it is ok.
My feet do not look too bad for my age, and I have nothing to be ashamed of showing my feet, and as you can see, I show my feet on every page on this site, from every angle, so why should I be uncomfortable in shoes and socks?
This is what this website is all about, and I am happy to say, I have quite a few readers, from all over the world, coming to read, and then returning again.


What more could we ask for?

Feet are beautiful
Feet are beautiful by nature, a true masterpiece of evolution, and everyone should feel comfortable showing their feet. More importantly, everyone should be ok with seeing bare feet. It’s natural.
By Lars barefoot
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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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One thought on “I love being barefoot

  1. Tiras

    Hi, I am a guy, I live in Alabama I have lupus, and I have had to go barefoot for the last 2 years. I have lupus rashes/blisters on my feet and I can not wear shoes. I have to do everything and go everywhere barefoot. Last night my wife and I went to finish Christmas shopping and to a restaurant to eat. I was totally barefoot. I have been barefoot for so long now that being barefoot is natural. I can walk on any type surface, rocks, cement, sticks, even hot asphalt. Not an issue, the bottom of my feet have gotten that tough. I would recommend for everyone to go barefoot. It feels better and is better for your feet. No more bacteria in sweaty shoes yuk!

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