I feel for you

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I feel for those who are “shod” for they do not know what they are missing.

You get up in the morning, and put on your slippers, getting your feet ready for a day of sweating, smelling, and being stuffed up in a shoe.
When you are done washing, eating, and your coffee, you go to get dressed and put on your socks and shoes, your poor feet never have a chance to breath some fresh air, or be free of the shoe constraints.

You go to work in your dress shoes, or work boots, high heels, or sports shoes, where your toes can not wiggle, and it is hot, dark, and in not too long would be sweaty too. For the next few hours there is no relief for your poor feet, while the bacteria which thrives in these conditions are having the time of their life, causing that awful smell. Not allowing the arch of the foot, to absorb the shock from walking or running, the knees and lower back take that shock – and those are not made to do this.

Coming back home, you change for nicer shoes to go out with friends, more dress shoes, higher heels, a dilemma with what shoe would go with what you wear, and what color shoes.

Had a good time, feet are hurting now, you go home, and change back to slippers, watch TV, and at last … It’s bed time, hopefully you sleep with bare feet, not with socks, and let the poor feet relax, and breath for the night.

You ask how is it better barefoot?

I get up in the morning, and the morning routine is done all in bare feet, I drive to work bare feet with the shoes and socks in the car on the passenger side floor. I put them on just before I enter my work place (yes – not everyone is lucky to be able to work barefoot). When work day is done, and I am in my car, my feet come out of both socks & shoes, and I drive home barefoot.

Going out with friends, I change clothes with out the dilemma of what shoes to wear – I wear none, I go to friends, to a movie, or to eat out. I have a pair of flip-flops in my car for times where an uneducated store owner, would give me the story about the health department, or the liability reason, and I would put them on after I try to teach these people a bit about the laws, and the human foot. Flip-flops would come off as soon as I am out of that place, never to return there again.

I get home, my feet do not hurt, they feel GREAT, just need to be washed after a barefoot day in town, where I felt the grass I walked on, the wooden floor at the store, and the side walk still warm from the sun, did you feel all these?

Now you tell me – which is better? and easier?

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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