How society see bare feet

By: 4FoodSafety (posted 2 years ago)

Research has shown that feet can harbor bacteria and infestations for years. If we understand bacteria and disease we MUST be appalled. It is a safety item and understanding the severity of this, is critical.

The Plastik inventor, Rothschild was seen barefoot and everyone thought it was fine, except for the government officials. And in this case, the government officials were correct. Being barefoot in a grocery store is a safety concern and we must train and educate ourselves and our children.

Our future health depends upon understanding the harm of unseen bacteria.

By Dan:

What a bunch of bull c**p.

The way this looks, we all have bacteria jumping from our feet in all direction, our feet are a blob of bacteria, and infested for years.

Lets get the bacteria off – lets walk bare feet, where it can not survive.


Read gross barefoot in public

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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