Hands Vs. feet

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Let’s look at the differences between our hands, and our feet:
Each hand has five fingers                                        each foot has five toes
Hand has a palm                                                         foot has a sole
We use hands to pick and carry                               we use our feet to walk and run
We touch lots of things with hands                         we only touch what we walk on
We eat with our hands                                               we do not touch food with our feet
We use our hands in the bathroom                         we do not use our feet in the bathroom
We sneeze / cough into our hands                           we do not use feet for same
We wash our hands hopefully                                  we wash our feet too

Now, after you read this list, tell me please, which is cleaner the hand, or the foot?

I went today to get some groceries, walking around the vegetable section I stopped to look at prices for an item. Next to me there was a lady who was checking the tomatoes, picking one at a time, feeling it, squeezing a little, looking at each for any defects, when suddenly she had to sneeze, she dropped what’s in her hand, covered her mouth, and sneezed. When done sneezing, she wiped her hand on her jeans, and with no hesitation continued checking more tomatoes.

I did not buy any vegetables today; I will live without them for a few days. I felt bad for the next customer who bought tomatoes, not knowing what just took place there, if I had a pen and paper, I would leave a note there for all to see.

vegetablesAnd society keeps telling me that bare feet are disgusting? Something must be wrong with people, I was asked by the manager once at this same store, not to come in without shoes, he is lucky he was not there today Sunday.

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A wonderful world of living with bare feet

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